When KIM Kardashian West was nearly crushed by a wild crowd at a Paris fashion show, her collapse was MORE than just physical.

“Kim is so stressed her hair is even falling out,” a source revealed. “It’s like she has the weight of the world on her shoulders. What you can’t see is that she’s suffering an emotional collapse, too.”

The reality TV queen, 33, had exited her limo with rapper hubby Kanye West and her mom Kris Jenner for a Paris Fashion Week show Sept. 25, and was slammed onto a car door as a mob of onlookers rushed her.

“Kim is completely unsteady in her life right now, thanks to her marriage and more,” the insider leaked. Kim married West, 37 finally in Italy last May after giving birth to daughter North nearly a year earlier June 2013.“Kanye is a control freak – and it’s ripping her apart. He’s been pressuring her to quit the TV show. She’s caught between him, her mom and sisters.”

She’s also wobbly from mom Kris’ divorce from Bruce Jenner. “He has always been the voice of reason and comfort to her when things got uber-crazy,” the insider divulged. “She feels adrift now without his steadying presence.” Adding to Kim’s problems, The ENQUIRER recently reported she’s been “starving” herself to get skinny.

Determined to lose the baby fat following her pregnancy, pals said she had been on an aggressive 500-calorie-a-day diet and shed 30 pounds in just two weeks. But medical experts said the crash dieting increased her risk of illness and other ailments. And Kim’s sisters, Kourtney, 35, and Khloé 30, have their own little dramas. Kourtney is expecting her third child by hubby Scott Disick, whose boozing has the K-Klan urging him to enter rehab. Khloe suffered a painful divorce from basketball-er Lamar Odom last December.“Kim is trying to put out the family fires. In the meantime, she feels she has no one to talk to herself,” the source said. Kim also suffers from a strained relationship with her troubled brother Rob, 27, who dropped out of attending his sister’s wedding to Kanye. “We just don’t know how much Kim can take before she has a complete nervous breakdown,” warned the insider.

A Kardashian spokesperson denied that Kim is suffering from emotional and physical issues.