Death Threats To Joan Rivers Revealed In Secret FBI Files

Joan rivers splash square

Gutsy JOAN RIVERS refused to back down when haters threatened her life, according to her secret FBI file, which has been exclusively obtained by The National ENQUIRER.

Joan decided “the show must go on,” despite two horrifying death threats from anti-Semitic bigots, the bombshell documents revealed.

One letter, addressed to “Queen Joan Rivers,” was postmarked in Brooklyn, N.Y., and mailed in August 1991. In it, a “Mr. Clean” promised then 58-year-old Joan that he’d be “watching … your every move.”

The letter continued: “I am on a crusade to clean the world of the 2 biggest Jew money making promoters of homosexuality on television and radio.”

Mr. Clean added: “Just to let you know that I purchased a piece of exterminating equipment. It is big and powerful. It will be messy but pain free almost. If I don’t see you by the Jew New Year, I promise you it will be soon after.”

Chillingly, the FBI wasn’t able to track down Mr. Clean, whose identity remains unknown to this day.

Mr. Clean wasn’t the only lunatic who targeted Joan though. In December 1973, while she was performing at Miami’s Deauville Theater, Joan gave the FBI a telegram from someone who promised “to put a stop to your Polish ‘joke’ routine at the Deauville.”

The maniac continued: “My people will no longer sit back supinely while a human cesspool spews her dirt on them. And for a Jewess you should know better.”

The writer concluded by promising to return to Miami to silence the legendary entertainer.

According to her FBI file, Joan contacted the agency about the telegram after a man identifying himself as a member of “The Polish Underground” called the theater on Dec. 29, and vowed to blow up the venue.

When the FBI spoke to Joan in her suite two days later, she was being protected by off-duty police officers hired as bodyguards.