‘Deadliest Catch’ Star Keith Colburn Appears to Be Drinking Margaritas 3 Years After Sobering Up

And there goes sobriety!

Keith Colburn Spotted Drinking Margaritas After Being Sober Almost 3 Years
Radar Online

Deadliest Catch captain Keith Colburn’s sobriety appears to have capsized, as he was spotted downing what appears to be margaritas and putting his hands all over a mystery blonde in Mexico.

The 56-year-old fisherman — best known for helming the Wizard fishing boat in the series — decided to sober up after his life spiraled out of control in 2016 following the breakdown of his 25-year marriage to wife Florence. In an episode of the show, his brother and co-captain, Monte, found him in a bar downing beers instead of on his vessel, ready to launch.

He later admitted: “I’ve battled a few health issues, I’ve battled some drinking issues, I’ve battled kind of a mid-life crisis and divorce in the last two years.”

On a later episode, self-styled “Crab Wizard,” Keith boasted of his sobriety and “laser focus,” which appeared to have disappeared on March 28 as he seemed to party into the early hours at a bar in the fishing town of Puerto Vallarta.

An eyewitness said: “He had a huge margarita glass in his hand and he was drinking very heartily from it, then he got his hooks into the hot blonde, which put a huge grin on his face.” They continued, “She sat on the bar and draped her arms around Keith and they both leaned in really close to each other — he was making quite the catch. Then they started dancing very close and he grabbed her around the waist — then appeared to be spanking her on the butt!”

The witness added, “Tequila was flowing all around him, it was a wild and raucous bar, not the sort of place sober people usually hang out.”

Keith also happily posed for pics with the assorted salty seadogs and vacationing fans who recognized him in the bar. Amazingly, Keith also appeared in a boat responsibility YouTube video, called “Drinking and Boating Don’t Mix” for the United States Coast Guard.

The captain has also battled health woes and had to miss most of the season of Deadliest Catch, which aired in 2018 after getting a serious bacterial infection in his spine which needed close medical attention and prevented him from heading out to sea.