Monkee DAVY JONES died with a heartbreaking se­cret – his hot-blooded wife had stormed out on him, fled to Spain and angrily filed for di­vorce.

And The ENQUIRER learned that the stormy marriage hit the rocks over her passion for Flamenco danc­ing!

Jones tragically died Feb. 29 of a heart attack at age 66, leaving behind former Telemundo soap star Jessica Pacheco, who was half his age.

“Jessica filed for divorce in Florida last summer,” a close source told The ENQUIRER. “And people noticed that Davy had stopped wearing his wedding ring.”

The divorce papers, obtained by The ENQUIRER, were filed on July 28, 2011. Jessica, who wed Davy in 2009, asked for temporary alimony and temporary attorney’s fees.

The heart-wrenching split came af­ter Davy reluctantly booted her from the Monkees’ U.S. tour last year and said he no longer wanted to be mar­ried, say sources.

“Unbelievably, she had been Fla­menco dancing in the middle of Monkees’ numbers on their tour of Britain last summer,” said Eric Lefcowitz, author of “Monkee Business: The Revolution­ary Made-For-TV Band.”

“Fellow Monkees Peter Tork and Mickey Dolenz felt it turned their act into a circus.”

When the group returned to Amer­ica for the rest of their tour, Davy diplomatically told his wife it would be better if she didn’t dance with the band.

“Jessica went back to their Florida home – steaming,” revealed an in­sider.

Soon the Cuban-American dancer was aboard a jet, headed to Spain with her performing troupe. She toured with them during July.

“When she came back to America, Jessica stayed in Florida while Davy remained at their Penn­sylvania ranch,” said the close source.

A longtime friend of Davy’s con­firmed: “The Monkees did the U.S. gigs without her, and that’s why she filed for divorce. She felt Davy had abandoned her.”

But Davy was still in love with his third wife and did everything he could to woo her back.

“He told her she could do her Flamenco dancing during his solo act, which she did,” said the close source.

“Around October, she canceled the divorce papers, and for the last few months they were back together as a loving couple.

“But I’m sure they were yelling and shouting at each other until the end.”