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David Letterman’s Sex Scandal Meltdown

Late-night comic's nightmare over workplace affairs!

david letterman sex scandals affairs
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David Letterman revealed that the sex and blackmail scandal that rocked his reputation and marriage was “hell” — and sent him spiraling into depression!

In 2009, CBS News producer Robert Halderman discovered the TV host was having an affair with assistant Stephanie Birkitt — and threatened to turn the sordid story into a screenplay if he didn’t receive $2 million.

Letterman, then hosting “The Late Show,” shocked viewers by announcing he’d had sex with women who worked for him while exposing the extortion attempt.

David Letterman: Secrets Of The Host From Hell!

But David confessed his agony to his inner circle, saying the experience was “akin to having killed your family in a car crash.”

“I was afraid my family was gone,” recalled the funnyman — but wife Regina Lasko still stood by him throughout the ordeal.