Bye-Bye Babies!

David Hasselhoff Says He’s Too Sexy To Have Kids

'Baywatch' beefcake vows not to procreate!

david hasselhoff hayley roberts married
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David Hasselhoff vowed “to have and to hold” all to himself, when it comes to the sexagenarian “Baywatch” star’s fresh Welsh wife, Hayley Roberts!

The National ENQUIRER has learned the couple apparently isn’t letting anybody — not even an itty-bitty bundle of joy — come between them.

The thrice-married dad of two adult daughters recently blurted that he and his childless trophy bride — whom he first met in 2011, when she asked for his autograph — have decided not to procreate together.

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The Hoff huffed and puffed this startling declaration to an overseas scribe: “She doesn’t want children! I told her if we have kids I will lose her. ‘I am going to lose you, and I want you.’”

Romantic, right? Revealing they’ll be renewing their vows on a yearly basis, the 66-year-old macho man also boastfully barked how he’s the sexually dominant partner in the May/ December romance, calling himself a “horndog.”

Talk about marking one’s territory! Oy.