Vegas, Baby!

David Copperfield: Obsession With Mansion Makes His Millions Disappear

Pays record price for a Sin City home!

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Illusionist David Copperfield has fallen under a deep spell that has him spending millions of dollars!

The transfixed magic man, 59, just plunked down $17.55 million for an eight-bedroom spread with its own movie theater and nightclub!

The Greater Las Vegas Association of Realtors says that’s the most money ever paid for a Las Vegas home!

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Showbiz wiz David faces another big expense, fighting a multimillion-dollar lawsuit filed by Gavin Cox — who claims he was left with brain damage after participating in David’s MGM Grand show in 2013.

But the suit and the house won’t make a dent in David’s estimated $800 million worth, said a spy.

“David’s been looking with his fiancée, Chloe Gosselin, for a while,” said the source.

“When they saw the house, it was like — abracadabra!”