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Geraldo Rivera: Rocker Dave Navarro’s Triumph Over Tragedy

Years in fear as mom's stalker-turned-killer roamed free!

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Dave Navarro knows this firsthand the horror of being a stalker’s target. His mother, Connie (top left), was killed in 1983 by a sick, obsessive boyfriend who tracked her every move. Tragically, Dave was also a victim of this abuser and suffered greatly.

Being the target of a stalker is a true hell on Earth. I believe it’s one of the scariest things in life. You feel trapped, powerless, exposed and so very, very vulnerable.

My latest installment of “Murder in the Family” reveals the Navarro clan’s horrifying ordeal at the hands of John Riccardi (lower left), a con artist, burglar and all-around no-good guy who claimed to be in love with the woman he killed.

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He shot Connie — and a female friend — to death in the Navarros’ West Los Angeles condo. Luckily, Dave wasn’t home at the time, but the acclaimed guitarist for Jane’s Addiction and the Red Hot Chili Peppers spent the decade in fear for his life, too!

Despite a massive manhunt, rabid Riccardi eluded the law and remained at large for years. I’m still amazed at how the law finally tracked down the monster.

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Our show introduces you to the police detective who would not rest until Riccardi was brought to justice. His actions helped Dave heal the incredibly deep psychological wounds that drove him to addiction.

Now Navarro is clean, sober and the epitome of a survivor. And our culture is better off for having him in it to make music that moves us all.

Watch the story unfold on “Geraldo Rivera’s Murder in the Family: Dave Navarro” premiering Sat., Dec. 8 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on REELZ.