Daryl Hannah: From Hot To Haggard!

Hannah from hot to haggard ne short

She made a big “Splash” as a gorgeous blonde mermaid, but something’s gone fishy with Daryl Hannah’s face!

What’s more she’s stopped wearing the prosthetic finger she’s always used to cover the tip of her left index finger, which she lost in a childhood accident.

Her overinflated upper lip and swollen eyes are the disastrous effects of too much surgery, said a cosmetic surgery expert contacted by The National ENQUIRER.

“Daryl has always had more than her share,” said Dr. Lyle Back, a Philadelphia plastic surgeon. “Too much filler in the cheeks and face, just too much filler pumped into the lips, and painfully overdone eyelid lifts!

“Her forehead, brow and eyebrows have really collapsed, creating a very masculine look.”