Daryl Hannah In The Dumps!

Daryl Hannah could, shockingly, be limping her way to osteoporosis, The National ENQUIRER has learned.

On the heels of a broken foot – no pun intended – Daryl, 54, needed to lean heavily on rocker beau Neil Young during a recent stroll to the tony Malibu Country Mart.

As this image reveals, the “Splash” star and 1980s sex icon paired a Swedish Hasbeen sandal with a fracture boot – perhaps evidence of brittle bones.

“If a woman her age came into my office with a foot fracture, I would certainly screen her immediately for osteoporosis,” Dr. Stuart Fischer, who is not treating Daryl, told The ENQUIRER.

“It can happen to anyone and be a matter of genetics, diet or simply the luck of the draw. In Daryl’s case, (with) the timing of her injury and in the context of menopause, it certainly would raise eyebrows and be suspicious – although not diagnostic.”