Former “Partridge Family” star-turned talk show host Danny Bonaduce fell off the wagon early this year and resumed hitting the bottle — but now he’s assuring The ENQUIRER: “I’m clean and sober again.”

“I stopped drinking again after Dick Clark yelled at me on our TV talk show ‘The Other Half’ and told me I was stupid.”

Danny, 42 — who went through rehab last year — told The ENQUIRER in an exclusive interview: “I fell apart during a Christmas vacation in Mexico.

“I was with my family at a resort and was drinking virgin pina coladas. Gradually, I realized that I could get away with quietly telling the bartender to ‘dump the virgins.’

“I had gone six months without a drink after going into rehab. But then I fell off the wagon with a thump.

“I quit again after we got back from Mexico.

“But then I would take a drink on the weekends — and I began sneaking a drink or two during the week.

“I was riddled with guilt and finally admitted during my TV show a month ago that I was drinking again.

“That’s when Dick yelled at me and called me stupid. He told me, ‘I held you up as a role model.’

“I told him ‘Then you’re stupid.’

“But I knew Dick was right.

“After that show, I began attending AA meetings again.

“I’ve even put my boat up for sale because it’s hard to imagine going out on the boat without taking a drink.

“We’ve bought a new home up in the hills and I’m spending more time with the kids, doing fun stuff with them.

“My wife Gretchen is proud of me and my AA sponsor’s proud of me.

“My next big test will come on July 4, when we’ve rented a houseboat on a lake. I’m already agonizing over that weekend.

“Normally it would be beer and margaritas on the water, with girls lifting their tank tops and flashing their boobs at me. This time around, I plan to cut out the beer and margaritas.

“I’ll let you know how I do.”