THERE’s no end in sight for the Judds’ bitter family feud – and sources say it looks like Ashley has won the battle for the heart of Wynonna’s teenage daughter Grace.

As The ENQUIRER reported in January, Wynonna, 49, and Ashley, 46, were locked in a nasty custody battle over Grace. At odds with her famous mom for years, the 17-year-old apparently became so desperate to escape Wynonna’s alleged verbal abuse, pill-popping and boozing that she petitioned a Tennessee court to grant temporary custody to her aunt Ashley.

Although one of Wynonna’s representatives said the information regarding the verbal abuse, pill-popping and boozing as well as the custody battle was not accurate, Wynonna has been on a rampage ever since – and things have only heated up since it became clear that Grace wants to stay where she is.

“Ashley has  completely won over Gracie,” said a Judd family insider. “They are basically living together as if they were mother and daughter in Ashley’s home, which is adjacent to Wynonna’s house.”

Ashley and Grace are even planning to go away on vacation together in June or July, says the source.

The summer plans are sure to be another sore spot for Wynonna, who’s accused Ashley of “steal­ing” her daughter. But Ashley fired back, claiming that Wynonna had hired a private eye to attach a GPS device to her Mini Cooper – a vehicle that Grace often drove – so she could track the teen.

“Wynonna’s still very upset about what happened,” the source added. “Ashley, for her part, still prays for Wynonna and attends Al-Anon meetings (for family members of alcoholics).”