Cuba Gooding Jr. Dishes Dirt On Tom Cruise

Tom’s upset at Cuba for what he said about him on a TV show. 

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The secret feud between Tom Cruise and his “Jerry Maguire” co-star, Cuba “OJ” Gooding Jr., just erupted like a pimple ready to pop! While the stars have acted like pals since “Maguire,” Tom resented being “upstaged” by Cuba — who scored a Best Supporting Actor Oscar, while Tom’s never won any Academy Award over his long career … but it gets WORSE! Said an insider: “Tom, who takes credit for hiring Cuba, never hired him again — and Cuba’s resented that. But nastiness really began festering when Cuba gossiped on Andy Cohen’s late-night TV talker that Tom’s definitely had plastic surgery — revealing that he’d shown up at Tom’s place unannounced and caught him with ‘little dots’ all over his face. Now Tom’s furious, saying he did NOT have dots all over his face — he had ONE zit smeared with pimple medicine! Tom’s sneering that Cuba’s ungrateful and rude!” Sorta like OJ, right?