LITTLE Suri sure is acting surly!

Still reeling from her parents’ divorce this summer, the 6-year-old daughter of Tom Cruise and ex-wife Katie Holmes was caught throwing a mini-tantrum while walking home from school in New York City on Nov. 6. Dressed in a bright pink and leopard-print outfit, Suri stuck out her tongue and made faces at her mom! And insiders say it’s all because she misses her daddy.

DR. JUDY KURIANSKY, a noted Manhattan psychologist, notes that Suri’s behavior is perfectly normal, considering the circumstances.

“Her once-golden life has been tarnished by the trauma of the divorce and her beloved daddy being out of the picture,” Dr. Kuriansky explained. “She’s had multiple stressors that have put her over the top and unable to cope with the reality that her fairytale world has been torn apart.”

The last time Suri and Tom, 50, were pictured together was when he took her to Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon Water Park in early August.

And, according to an insider, the father-daughter duo won’t be reunited until early December, when his latest movie, “All You Need Is Kill” wraps.

Suri’s not the only one feeling the sting of separation. The insider says Tom is heartbroken being away from his little girl.

“He cries at night because he misses her so much,” the insider revealed. “Both of them are taking the divorce really hard, and it’s tough on Katie because she has to deal with Suri’s public meltdowns.

“But Suri knows she’s deeply loved by both her mommy and daddy. And she’s bravely facing all the changes brought on by the divorce just like any other normal little girl would.”