Crushed Kaley Cuoco’s Divorce Crackup!

'Meet Cute' on Set Filming, New York, USA - 11 Aug 2021

Love-bitten Kaley Cuoco shockingly confesses her recent divorce triggered a nervous breakdown so crippling she literally couldn’t walk!

In a candid interview, The Flight Attendant beauty, 36, admits to returning home from filming the hit comedy and weeping over her split from 31-year-old equestrian Karl Cook.

Her anguish grew so extreme, Kaley says she developed a debilitating rash from the bottom of her stomach down her leg, which prevented her from being able to move around.

“It lasted for seven months,” she says. “I discovered through therapy and my doctors that it was completely emotional.”

“I’ve been very open that I’ve struggled this last year. I struggle with what I want, what I think I’m supposed to have. Being fearful, being scared of what the future holds.”

As National ENQUIRER readers well know, the former Big Bang starlet wed billionaire’s son Karl in June 2018 then announced their divorce in September 2021, saying they had gone in “opposite directions.”

Yet despite what sources describe as Kaley having an “ironclad prenup,” the divorce quickly turned nasty with money-grubbing Karl petitioning the court for “earnings and accumulations” from before their wedding.

Kaley — who was previously married for 21 months to tennis pro Ryan Sweeting — makes no bones about being totally disgusted with matrimony.

“I will never get married again,” she vows. “I would love to have a long-lasting relationship or a partnership. But I will never get married again. Absolutely not.”

Sources tell The ENQUIRER Kaley has actually sworn off love altogether!

“It’s not just marriage she’s down on,” dishes an insider. “The way she feels now, she never wants to fall in love again. She’s had it with dating, even though guys are throwing themselves at her. She wants nothing to do with them. She wants to focus on work.”

“Privately, she’s confessed to friends she doesn’t even feel sexy or attractive anymore. She can’t even contemplate getting intimate and worries she’ll never be the same.”

“Her friends tell her that’s her depression talking and things will get better, but Kaley’s not so sure.”