Cruel Kris Jenner Shuns Crippled Sister!

Jenner is alleged to have snubbed her only sibling, Karen Houghton!

Kris Jenner Shuns Crippled Sister
Getty Images; InStar Images

Kardashian momager Kris Jenner has turned her back on her crippled sister!

Though the reality star’s younger sibling, Karen Houghton, has been in and out of hospitals since last July when she endured an emergency hip replacement, a family insider said, “Kris hasn’t been to see her once!”

The camera hog even ignored Karen on her 60th birthday in November as she celebrated in a hospital bed!

The snub seemed to inspire Karen’s blistering online tirade: “The only people I owe my loyalty to are those who never question mine!”

Karen has blasted her famous relatives for rarely offering a truthful view of their lives — and accused Kris of battling a booze problem.

Meanwhile, Kris has publicly bashed Karen by saying, “My sister has been dealing with demons for years.”

Karen has also bristled over 63-year-old Kris gushing about her close relationship with their mother, Mary Jo Shannon, also known as MJ.

Though the L.A.–based Kardashians are only 
90 minutes away from Karen and MJ in San Diego, the spy sniped, “It’s Karen who does much of the real caring for her mother — and Kris picks up the glory” on “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.”

And while the Kardashians have sent a car to fetch MJ for weekend visits, insiders reported the 84-year-old was soon clamoring to return!

“Karen would get texts from her mom by Sunday saying she wanted to come home right now,” the source spilled.

The sisters’ frigid relationship has shown no sign of warming up, with Karen coolly posting on Facebook: “When it’s all over, people won’t remember your wealth and possessions. They will remember your kindness and compassion.”