Crazy Rug’s ‘Harmin’ Mark’s Tough Guy Image

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He’s a sexy Special Agent on “NCIS” – but there’s nothing special covering MARK HARMON'S head!

Now The National ENQUIRER has uncovered the ugly truth behind – and sitting on top of – Mark’s leading-man looks!

“He’s either got one of the worst haircuts in the history of barbering, or he’s wearing a piece,” said Joseph “The Toupee Titan” Paris.

“The odds of a piece are spot-on, because everybody in Hollywood over the age of 40 has something up there – and I’m the one to know!”

The 77-year-old “Prince of Pieces” serviced Frank Sinatra’s and Burt Reynolds’ rugs – and it’s his expert opinion that Mark, 63, has a hairy little helper that’s reminiscent of the tawdry toupee sported by ABC sportscaster Howard Cosell.

“Howard used to wear this one where, if an ill wind – so to speak – blew upwards and towards the press box during the game – well, let’s just say it wouldn’t have done him any service!” he said.