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Craig Robinson Health Crisis: ‘Office’ Star Eating To An Early Grave

Big weight gain alarming his pals!

craig robinson weight health crisis

Craig Robinson, who played the gruff but lovable warehouse foreman Darryl on “The Office,” is spiraling out of control with overeating — and now weighs well over 300 pounds!

Even worse, pals fear the strapping 6-foot-2 funnyman is gorging himself right into a premature death!
“Craig has been very busy lately, and that’s why he hasn’t been watching his waist,” dished a spy.

The actor has kept active since “The Office” finale in 2013, but the extreme workload appears to be destroying his health.

Dr. Stuart Fischer, a prominent New York internist who isn’t treating the actor, told The National ENQUIRER: “Craig appears to weigh more than 350 pounds!”

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One insider close to the star says he hasn’t been paying much attention to his health. “He’s been trying to work out and eat right, but he backslides all the time and starts eating high-calorie fast foods. It’s going to kill him!”

In addition to his weight woes, Craig has had legal scrapes involving drugs!

He was arrested in 2008 on charges of possessing methamphetamine and MDMA — and being under the influence of cocaine during a traffic stop.

Five years later, he was detained in the Bahamas for drug possession with pot and ecstasy!

“A guy like that who’s overweight with a history of drug abuse is like a ticking time bomb,” warned one medical expert. “He needs to shed flab now before it’s too late!”