Crackpot Ricky Schroder is Way out There!

Ricky Schroder
Ricky Schroder

Tarnished Silver Spoons star Ricky Schroder pushed an unhinged internet conspiracy theory about President John F. Kennedy’s assassination in a shocking online video that sources say left friends and family fearing the washed-up ’80s heartthrob has lost his mind.

“They believe he’s gone completely around the bend and needs professional help!” an insider spills. “People are concerned about him and his safety.”

The “NYPD Blue” alum, 52, first shared a meme claiming JFK pledged to “expose” a plot to enslave all Americans shortly before his 1963 murder, which Ricky captioned begging to fellow citizens to “wake up” before “they destroy our children’s futures!”

However, historians say Kennedy never made the comments attributed to him by Schroder!

According to sources, the bizarre post frightened those close to the actor, including his Instagram model daughter Cambrie Schroder, 25, who has said her father is “not normal!”

Ricky was then mocked by both online critics and “Real Time” comedian Bill Maher.

After being publicly roasted, the bearded blowhard doubled down in a social media video.

He insisted the debunked JFK statement can’t be proven false and added, “I do believe that 
the people that killed Kennedy wouldn’t let a quote like that exist.”

His online antics come a year after the incensed 
actor was caught on camera bashing a store worker as a “Nazi” when the staffer asked him to wear a legally mandated pandemic mask.

And in 2019, the TV train wreck was twice cuffed in L.A. for alleged domestic violence against a girlfriend, but prosecutors declined to file charges.

However, after Ricky’s arrests, a tipster claimed the party-hearty star’s family tried to “hold an intervention” and added, “They want nothing more than for him to get the help he needs.”