UNLUCKY-in-love Courteney Cox has dumped her on-again/off-again boyfriend Josh Hopkins after an ugly fight at a Malibu restaurant.

The 48-year-old actress, who began dating her hunky “Cougar Town” co-star in 2011, blew up over his non­stop flirting with a young blonde at the celebrity hotspot and ended their romance right there, say sources.

COURTENEY AND JOSH were having a romantic dinner at Nobu when two sexy girls at the bar started looking at the couple,” an observer told The ENQUIRER.

“One of them, a hot blonde, was clearly interested in Josh, and he kept smiling at her even after Courteney politely told him it was rude to lead the woman on.”

Furious, Courteney leaped up, called Josh “an ass” and stormed out in a jealous rage. But he dashed after the former “Friends” star, grabbed her arm and convinced her to return. Unfortunately, the reconciliation didn’t last long!

In front of the star-studded crowd – including Britney Spears, Cindy Crawford, Nicki Minaj and Rod Stewart – Courteney soon blew up again and roared off for good. Josh appeared upset at first but didn’t chase after her this time.

“Instead, he began chatting up his gorgeous new friend at the bar,” said an eyewitness.

Another source added: “Courteney is a regular at Nobu and felt disrespect­ed and humiliated by Josh. They’re definitely NOT a couple anymore.”