Blonde divorcee Stacey Anderson – who plays reality TV’s The Cougar – has a secret dark side, her ex-husband claims in a blockbuster ENQUIRER interview.

The 40-year-old mother of four owes thousands of dollars in back child support, she’s undergone plastic surgery and she chased younger men while she was married, just like she does on the TV Land show, according to her ex.

"Stacey was into partying with young guys – and that’s why she left me and our three kids," her ex-husband Steven Anderson told The ENQUIRER.

"The show mirrors who Stacey really is. She’s into young guys – lots of young guys."

On The Cougar, Stacey has her pick of 20 hunks in their 20s. She’s shown living in a mansion in Scottsdale, Ariz., and is portrayed as a super successful real estate agent who’s sold millions of dollars worth of property. But the "cougar" part of the show is about the only angle that’s real, according to Stacey’s ex.

"That’s her friend’s house, not hers, and the claims about how much money she makes are completely false," said Steven, a 39-year-old independent filmmaker. "She just dabbles in real estate. She’s more of a party girl, and she owes me two years of back child support!

Before the couple’s 10-year marriage ended in 2002, Stacey – who’d been divorced before – had a midlife crisis, said her ex.

"She had plastic surgery and went to clubs with her friends and left me with the kids," he revealed.

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