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Connor Cruise Turns Back On Tom & Scientology?

Impossible star’s son moves out of his penthouse

On Left Tom Cruise Looking Right Split With Connor Cruise Wearing Light Blue Baseball Cap Looking Left
Shutterstock; Coleman-Rayner

Tom Cruise has received a fresh slap in the face from his son, Connor — who has moved out of the actor’s newly built luxury home and, some suggest, may be turning his back on Scientology!

The Mission: Impossible star, 57, had finally moved into an extravagant apartment at the sci-fi-based religion’s main base in Clearwater, Fla., in February after spending two years customizing it.

Despite being given a deluxe bedroom, Connor — who until now has lived in church-sanctioned accommodations — moved into another building not associated with the religion!

Local resident and Scientology watchdog Clay Irwin confirmed to The National ENQUIRER: “Connor moved out of Tom’s building last week. His new home is NOT a Scientology building.”

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Connor, 24, has been enrolled in Scientology since birth, but in recent years has taken on outside interests, including working on a fishing boat, establishing a DJ career and even dating a non-Scientologist — which the cult-like organization frowns upon. Neither the church nor Tom responded to requests for comment.

“Scientology has treated Connor incredibly well, but he is also subject to all its rules, which can be a drag for a young man,” said a source.

“No one would be surprised if he wanted to branch out and do his own thing for a while!”