Hollywood beauty PATRICIA MEDINA, the widow of Joseph Cotten, has joined him in that big screening room in the sky.

The British born beauty was 92 and passed from natural causes.

Her career spanned such programmers as the talking mule flick “Francis’ to Orson Welles’ minimalist noir thriller “Mr. Arkadin” aka “Confidential Report”

Patricia died at the Barlow Respiratory hospital  in Los Angeles.

A petite, dark-haired beauty she launched her film career in the UK during the pre-war era of the late 1930s.

Medina was married to actor Richard Greene,  1950s TV “Robin Hood”  thesp when she alighted in Tinsel Town after WW2.

"She was a stunning woman," a pal said. "In her youth, they called her 'the most beautiful face in England.' "

Signed to MGM, Patricia Medina starred in "Abbott and Costello in the Foreign Legion"  "Sangaree" with Fernando Lamas, "Plunder of the Sun" with Glenn Ford and "Botany Bay" with James Mason, "The Beat of Hollow Mountain" (a dinosaur western with SFX by Kong guru Willis O'Brien) and "The Phatom of the Rue Morgue" in 3-D with Karl Malden.

Patricia also swashbuckled opposite Louis Hayward in the adventure films "Fortunes of Captain Blood," "The Lady and the Bandit," "Lady in the Iron Mask" and "Captain Pirate."

She divorced Greene and then married Cotton in a lavish ceremony at the home of  movie kingpin David O. Selznick and his wife the luminous Jennifer Jones.

"In England I was nearly always cast as someone of mysterious origin, not too clearly designated but probably from some Southern European country," Medina told The LA Times in 1947.

"Here they decided in my first film, 'The Secret Heart,' that I should be a Yankee. In my second I'm definitely English. It's all rather confusing, I must say."