CNN+ Fiasco Leaves Star Anchors at Sea!

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Turncoat Chris Wallace has serious egg on his face after a brief and disastrous stint at crash-and-burn streaming service CNN+ — and he’s already crawling on his hands and knees for forgiveness to former employer FOX News, sources say.

But it’s unlikely FOX will take back the 74-year-old newscaster, sources snitch to The National ENQUIRER, because his former colleagues view him as a traitor and want him to eat dirt!

“This is a classic case of Chris thinking the grass was going to be greener, but his bad judgment and colossal ego have cost him a fortune and made him a total laughingstock,” spills an insider.

“The word is he’s already begging for his old job back but the likes of Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson and the rest of the FOX gang would rather leave him to rot, and let it serve as a warning to other rats who want to jump ship!”

After a whopping $300 million investment, CNN+ drew only yawns and CNN CEO Chris Licht shockingly pulled the plug on the shiny new service at the end of April, only one month after its debut!

“This is embarrassing and Chris is livid. He was the face of the new streaming service and now the face of this disaster, and he is demanding CNN make this right,” squeals a source. “He wants Chris Cuomo’s old timeslot on CNN. He refuses to end his career this way!”

Wallace isn’t the only one getting whipsawed by the media meltdown. As The ENQUIRER reported, many journos from ABC News jumped ship and went over to CNN+, and now they’re in the soup.

“It’s terribly sad they’re now going to be out of work,” spills an insider.

And that’s not all! Tipsters tattle even BIGGER changes are afoot at the network and that everyone is potentially on the chopping block!

“If they can kill CNN+ then no one is safe. There are no more sacred cows,” snipes a source. “Don Lemon is terrified — not only are his ratings terrible but they want news people now, not opinion hosts.”

“Everything is on the table, including Anderson Cooper!”