BEAUTIFUL “Divergent” star Shailene Woodley has “adopted” an unlikely new dad – lady-slayer George Clooney.

The 22-year-old actress – who played George’s troubled daughter in the 2011 hit “The Descendants” – was so impressed with the 52-year-old activist actor that she made him her role model and mentor.

And ever since, the dashing star has helped guide her with fatherly counsel as well as career advice and tips on roles, a source says.

“He’s like my second dad. He’s got my back,” declared Shailene, who first caught the public eye as teen mom Amy Juergens on the ABC Family series “The Secret Life of the American Teenager.”

“I’ve never met somebody in the industry who’s more grateful, who pays it forward without talking about it in the press or speaking about it to anyone else,” she told an interviewer. “That to me was the best advice, just learning through his actions.”

Thanks to her critically acclaimed performance opposite Clooney, Shailene’s movie career took off. And although her leading role as strong-willed teen Tris in the box-office hit “Divergent” is likely to propel her to major league stardom, she still sounds awed by George.

“He’s so down-to-earth, giving and generous, such a good guy,” she told a reporter. “He’s a guy from Kentucky with a heart of gold who has been given a generous amount of wealth and power and used it in the most positive ways.

“To me the word ‘movie star’ is more than being an actor, more than being a source of entertainment.”

Shailene praised her hero as being “incredibly philanthropic.”

And Clooney’s humanitarian qualities seem to have rubbed off on Shailene, revealed a source close to the Simi Valley, Calif., native. “Shailene told George that she was inspired by his political activism.

“Now she has her own charitable foundation with her mom.”

Called All It Takes, the charity hopes to eradicate bullying, explained Shailene’s mother Lori Woodley, a Ventura County school counselor.

The organization takes middle school youngsters from different backgrounds to a camp where they learn to trust and accept one another despite their differences.

“If Shailene needs advice, she can always call George,” said the source. “He’s only too happy to help. He told a pal, ‘She’s like the daughter I never had.’”