Sure, there’s a Haiti telethon to host first but then "Goregous" George Clooney‘s ready to become a daddy!

During the holidays, gorgeous model Elisabetta Canalis told George that she wants to get pregnant.
Friends of 48-year-old Clooney were shocked when he responded: "Sounds like a plan to me! When do we get started?"

"George has done a complete 180 on starting a family," a close friend told The ENQUIRER. "He’s still not a huge fan of the institution of marriage, but

Elisabetta has made him rethink having children and settling down.

"They’re both incredibly happy and I certainly could see them having a baby in the next year."

The idea grew out of an offhand remark between the couple during the holidays.

"Elisabetta is crazy about George and wanted to make that clear to him," said the source. "So when he asked what she wanted for Christmas, she said, ‘Your baby!’

"She was dead serious. And while George was a little startled, it made him think about how ready he is to be a dad and what a perfect mother Elisabetta would be.

"And that’s when he told her to be careful what she wished for."

George met 31-year-old Elisabetta in Italy last summer, and it wasn’t long before he had moved her into his 25-room Italian villa on Lake Como.

"At his Christmas bash, they were acting more in love than ever and let out huge smiles when anyone mentioned them having a future together," the source said.

"George was quick to retell the story of Elisabetta’s Christmas wish for a baby – adding that if she is a really good girl, next Christmas Santa might bring her what she asks for."