In new tell-all music mogul CLIVE DAVIS reveals how the King of Pop, MICHAEL JACKSON systematically plotted to destroy older brother Jermaine and other sibs’ music careers!  

Davis confirms the long standing rumors that Jacko was so insecure and paranoid that he had to be the only Jackson to succeed.

Davis writes in new book “Soundtrack of My life” that he had signed Jermaine Jackson to his company Arista who then had several hits including: “Do What You Do” and “Tell Me I’m Not Dreaming.”

Reportedly, Michael was less than pleased.

David writes that when he hired Kenny “Babyface” Edmonds and LA Reid in the late 1980s to produce Jermaine’s fourth LP at Arista Records, Michael had had enough.

MJ  promptly  kept Babyface busy on his own projects, luring him away from Jermaine.

Clive writes: “Jermaine couldn’t believe that Michael, his close brother, would hijack his producers’ material this way.”

Clive recalls Jermaine was “crying, indeed sobbing at times, so deeply hurt that his brother would do this to him.”

That’s when Jermaine wrote his infamous song, “Word to the Badd,” which denounced Michael as shallow and selfish.

Michael retaliated by phoning up Davis, demanding the removal of the defaming track from Jermaine’s new LP.

Caught between the two feuding Jacksons,  Jermaine leaked the tune anyway when Davis stalled.  

“I felt it would be wrong for me to tell an artist to take a song off an album,” Davis writes. “This was a family and personal matter that they would need to resolve themselves.”

Michael’s longtime PR man, the late Bob Jones, also confirmed the same story in his book, revealing that Michael deliberated destroyed the careers of Jermaine, Rebbe and LaToya but wasn’t fast enough to stop the meteoric rise of the youngest Jackson sib, Janet.