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Cindy & Rande Billion-Dollar Divorce Shocker

Insiders claim couple battling over kids and homes!

cindy crawford rande gerber divorce
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Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber are quietly careening toward a billion-dollar divorce! The flawless supermodel and her businessman hubby sparked new talk among insiders of a secret separation when Cindy was recently caught on camera without her wedding ring after more than 20 years of marriage!

“Cindy and Rande have been together a long time, but they have grown apart,” a spy said. Their two teens — daughter Kaia and son Presley — have both embarked on their own successful modeling careers and moved out, inspiring the $45 million sale of the family’s Malibu estate in June.

The couple had slashed the price by 25 percent since the four-bedroom pad went on the market last year — after having unloaded their beloved Cabo San Lucas getaway in 2016!

In 2017, Rande and best-bud George Clooney sold their Casamigos tequila company for a cool $1 billion! “It looks like Cindy and Rande are lining up their ducks so they can go their separate ways,” a source spilled. “Insiders are saying they might be filing for divorce by the end of the year!”

They don’t keep tabs on each other anymore,” added another mole. “Sometimes it seems like they’re living separate lives.”

Sources claimed the bickering parents are at odds over the kids following in Cindy’s footsteps down the runway. “Cindy has been all for it, but Rande wanted them to have a normal childhood,” the insider snitched.

“He worked hard so that they wouldn’t have to deal with the pressures of pursuing modeling careers!” Rande knows firsthand about the rigors of the business. He, too, briefly modeled in his younger days before launching a successful career in the nightlife and spirits industries.

But while the duo are financially set for life, friends fear the couple’s uneasy history could explode in an ugly — and costly — divorce. In 2009, Rande was accused of sexual harassment by a former employee amid reports his female staff had dubbed him “Mr. Hands On.”

Rande denied the claims, but insiders snitched that there have been lingering trust issues between the spouses. “That was a tough pill for Cindy to swallow,” the source dished.

Cindy’s resentment boiled over in a drunken episode in 2013 where she was spotted flirting with musicians at the Malibu Inn and heard blurting out, “My marriage is over!”

“They’ve tried — they even took the kids to Miami on a family trip to try and recover some of the old magic, but it didn’t work,” said a source. “They just seem to have outgrown each other, and now that the kids are grown, they seem willing to finally say goodbye!”