DESPITE losing a whop­ping 60 pounds, CHAZ BONO is still unhappy with the way he looks and is considering drastic measures to improve his appearance, say sources. But his mom CHER fears that his solution may cause more problems than it solves.

Plagued by a chubby face and double chin, Chaz is now said to be contemplating li­posuction to tighten it all up.

That prospect has Cher con­cerned because the transgender activist once suffered a 10-year addition to painkillers, and sources say she’s afraid he’ll get hooked again while recovering from the procedure.

“Chaz has surpassed his goal of losing 50 pounds, and you’d think his self-esteem would be soaring,” said an insider.

“But he’s never been more down on himself because the flab around his face makes it look like he doesn’t have a neck. And he’d love to shave off his beard, but he doesn’t want to expose his double chin.

“HE’S SO FRUSTRATED that he’s vowed to go under the knife and get liposuction if diet and exercise don’t melt away his double chin and saggy jowls.”

When 44-year-old Chaz – who’s 5-foot-5 and has slimmed down from a scale-busting 250 pounds – confessed his plan to his mother, she flipped out.

“Cher is petrified about Chaz undergoing a vanity procedure, especially con­sidering his past issues with prescription pill dependency,” said the insider.

“Her worst nightmare is that Chaz will get hooked on pain pills after the surgery.”

But Chaz – born a girl named Chastity to Cher and the late Sonny Bono – has a secret reason for the surgery, said the source.

“Chaz feels the nip and tuck is necessary for him to land a hot woman,” explained the insider.

“He figures that looks reign supreme in Los Angeles, and that to win the dating lottery he’s got to up his game. He sees liposuction as his last resort.”

Chaz’s weight-loss odyssey dates back to 2006 when – still a female – he tipped the scales at 215 pounds and signed on to VH1’s “Celebrity Fit Club.” He lost 24 pounds, but quickly regained it all and more. Hormone in­jections for his gender transition contributed to his weight woes, and in Novem­ber 2012 he was approached by the syndicated TV show “The Doc­tors” to help him drop 50 pounds.

As The ENQUIRER reported, by February he’d reached his goal thanks to intense mixed martial arts workouts, heart-pumping dance sessions and a strict diet.

THE former “DANCING WITH the STARS” competitor initially used the meal delivery service Fresholo­gy and claimed: “I’ve just changed the way I eat. I really avoid grains and starches, so meats and vegeta­bles and fruits are my diet.”

The insider added: “It’s a bitter irony that Chaz still looks chubby. He’s plugging away with his diet and exercise, hoping his face will thin out.

“But if he doesn’t see results in a few months, Chaz says he’s going to book an appointment for liposuction and have the fat sucked out for good!”