Doomed Diva!

Christina Grimmie Killer — Literal ‘Geek’ Dreamt Of Marriage

Bizarre delusions of fatal fan!

christina grimm killer kevin loibl
Getty/Police Files

Kevin Loibl — who gunned down pop princess Christina Grimmie in front of her adoring fans — was literally a lonely geek!

The deadly psycho worked for a Best Buy store in Florida, where the techie was part of the in-store “Geek Squad”!

Loibl had also become convinced that he was destined to marry the third-place winner of Season 6 of “The Voice,” said co-workers.

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Sadly, Christina was known to always take time to meet with her fans after her shows.

The obsessed fan had already hinted to his fellow Geeks that he had met Christina after another concert, and had even spoken of getting married to the doomed diva.

Some former co-workers — requesting anonymity after not realizing the depths of his mental illness — added that Loibl had been attempting to look more worthy of Christina.

That vain vision included visits for LASIK eye surgery, a vegan diet and a hair transplant!

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But the killer’s frustrations over his fruitless fantasy life culminated in violence on June 10, 2016, as he tracked down New Jersey native Christina after her show at the Plaza Live Theater in Orlando, Fla.

Some co-workers are speculating that Loible finally snapped over rumors that Christina was secretly dating music producer Stephen Rezza — who had worked on the pop star’s recordings.

Loible fatally shot himself after killing Christina, as her heroic brother Marcus attempted to restrain him from further violence.