JUST weeks after the ex-mistress of “Dateline NBC” star Chris Hansen con­fessed their scandalous re­lationship to The ENQUIRER, the network has dumped him.

Last month, sexy TV reporter Kristyn Caddell, 32, blasted Hansen, 53, in a bombshell open let­ter she penned ex­clusively for The ENQUIRER – ac­cusing the former “To Catch a Preda­tor” star of tricking her into believing his marriage was in shambles and of lying to his wife.

And when Hansen was axed by NBC, an angry Kristyn – who says her own career was wrecked by the affair – told The ENQUIRER that the two-timer got exactly what he deserved.

“He tried to discredit The ENQUIRER by ly­ing to the world about our affair, and he also tried to discredit me as a person and as a jour­nalist,” said the blonde TV news reporter.

“I don’t have any sympathy for him over being dumped by the network be­cause it was essentially the same thing that happened to me after our affair was exposed.

“Chris has ruined a lot of lives and hurt a lot of innocent people.”

Kristyn says she met Hansen in a Palm Beach, Fla., bar in March 2011, and in July 2011, The ENQUIRER blew the lid off their secret relationship in a blockbuster expose.

Hansen steadfastly denied the affair, but then Kristyn came forward with her sto­ry and pictures that proved he was lying. Shortly thereafter, NBC execs decided not to renew his con­tract despite his 20 years with the network.

“CHRIS TOOK A LOT OF HEAT FROM NBC after the cheating scandal was exposed more than two years ago, but he managed to keep his job,” noted an industry insider.

“His bosses were unhappy to find out Chris had been lying to them, and they didn’t want to continue their relationship with someone who was bringing that type of negative publicity to the network.”