Chip Gaines Once Stole His Own Car And Hid From Cops

Fixer Upper star was then arrested in the ‘stolen’ vehicle.

Chip Gaines Sticking out His Tounge While Arm Arounfd Wife Joanna Gaines, Inset Chip Gaines Mug Shot

Chip Gaines went on the run from Texas police — after stealing his own car!

According to police records obtained by The National ENQUIRER, Chip’s GMC pickup truck was towed Sept. 25, 1999, from a lot in Waco — parked illegally with a beer can and bottle on the tailgate near Baylor University, where Chip attended college.

Later that night, an “upset” Chip, then 25, stole his own car from the tow lot without paying the $100 fee — and he continued to evade police for nearly three weeks!

Cops warned his parents Chip would have to fork over the skipped payment, according to a police report, but after a week of radio silence they tried Chip’s cellphone and found it “disconnected.”

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“He felt the $100 towing fee was excessive and would pay the fee in his own time,” his dad, Bob Gaines, explained.

The cat-and-mouse game ended with a warrant for Chip’s arrest — yet he still managed to elude cops until, three weeks later, they pulled him over for speeding in the very same “stolen” car.

According to court documents, Chip, now 44, pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor — and received an add-on to his sentence in October 2000 when he ducked his parole officer. The Fixer Upper star didn’t respond to a request for comment.