Cheryl Hines Curbs her Enthusiasm for Marriage to RFK JR!

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Actress Cheryl Hines is moving to California to get away from anti-vaxxer hubby Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who she blasts as “reprehensible,” sources snitch.

Amid a tense home life, Cheryl jumped at the chance to star in the reboot of TV’s Curb Your Enthusiasm because the project will be shot in L.A., 3,000 miles from the East Coast haunts of 68-year-old Kennedy and his kooky crusade against COVID shots, spies say.

Bobby Jr., son of the assassinated U.S. Sen. Robert F. Kennedy, has become a leader of the crusade against COVID vaccines and other injections.

He helped with a recent documentary, Medical Racism: The New Apartheid, which pushes the idea African-Americans were being used as guinea pigs with COVID shots by the government.

He also endorses the theory that certain vaccine shots cause autism — despite a mountain of medical research that seems to prove him wrong.

According to critics, ­Bobby’s organization, Children’s Health Defense, is “a strong conspiracy and quackery level advocacy group.” Sources say that sticks in Cheryl’s craw.

The couple’s trial separation won’t be a shock because “much of her social life doesn’t involve him these days,” says an insider.

“Her free time is spent with friends, who are just as appalled by Robert’s crazy ideas as Cheryl is. They think he’s a kook.”

Recently, Cheryl, 56, who plays grouch Larry David’s long-suffering wife (and later, ex-wife) on the HBO classic, revealed she and Kennedy are at opposite intellectual poles after he publicly claimed COVID vaccine mandates made people’s lives worse than the horrors Nazis inflicted on Jews including teen death camp victim Anne Frank during World War II.

Although RFK later apologized, outraged Cheryl tweeted: “My husband’s reference to Anne Frank” at a protest against vaccine mandates “was reprehensible and insensitive. The atrocities millions endured during the Holocaust should never be compared to anyone or anything.”

“His opinions are not a reflection of my own.”

An insider adds Cheryl “loves him but wishes he’d just lighten up because all this heavy nonsense is giving her headaches. Robert’s ranting to anyone who’ll listen to him.”

“It’s one of the reasons why she can’t wait to get back to the show. She needs a breather.”