CHER has fallen for a new guy half her age – 33-year-old, married MSNBC broadcaster CHRIS HAYES.

The “Believe” singer, 66, has been gushing to friends about her huge crush on the nerdy rising cable star, who hosts the weekend morning show “UP w/ Chris Hayes.”

Though Chris is clearly un­available, outspoken Cher says her passion for him has inspired her to give up bad boys.

Now she’s looking for a buttoned-down smarty-pants and political wonk just like the young commentator.

“Cher adores Chris,” revealed an insider. “She says he’s the perfect man for her despite the age gap and is bummed out that he’s married.

“She doesn’t want to mess around with tough guys and bikers anymore. She’d like to finally settle down with a man who can discuss things like world affairs and economic policies.

“She’s put the word out to all her friends that she’s ready and willing to be set up with a lawyer, financier or professor – no hell-raisers need apply.”

Cher went public with her feelings, tweeting that she has a “smart crush” on Chris.

Cher’s been married twice, first to the late Sonny Bono and then to rocker Gregg Allman. She’s since dated a string of younger men including “Bagel Boy” Rob Camilletti, Bon Jovi guitarist Richie Sambora and former Hell’s Angel Tim Medvetz, whom she briefly reunited with over the summer.

But the new mellow Cher has gone intellectual, said the source, adding: “She’s even e-mailed Chris to try to arrange a meeting – just to chew the fat about politics and the economy.”