Cher wants to “Turn Back Time” and rekindle an old romance with Bruce Jenner.

In fact, sources say Cher is so enamored with the former Olympian she’s urging him to ditch his reported plans for sex-change surgery.

The 67-year-old diva and athlete-turned-reality-star Bruce, 64, first hooked up in the mid-’80s. Lately, sources say the two have been chatting on the phone and texting each other constantly while she’s on her “Dressed to Kill” tour.

Cher thinks she’s the perfect match for Bruce, in part because she can relate to his apparent gender-bending tendencies.

She’s not only watched her daughter Chastity become a man, Chaz, but has also admitted to having affairs with women herself.

Still, our sources say that Cher is hoping Bruce will remain a man. Our sources add that even though Bruce has denied any plans to have gender-reassignment surgery, he’s still on the fence about it and could be influenced by a potential romance with Cher.

They already have a history together, having enjoyed a brief romance 30 years ago.

They met in October 1985 at a function to support then-first lady Nancy Reagan’s “Outstanding Learning Disabled Achievers” project.

The event spotlighted the accomplishments of people with dyslexia, which afflicts both Cher and Bruce.

At the time, Bruce was in the last throes of his stormy marriage to former Elvis girlfriend Linda Thompson, and there was instant chemistry between Cher and him.

“Back then, Bruce was still a handsome young buck – he was the greatest athlete in the world and still basking in his Olympic glory,” a source told The ENQUIRER. “There was a strong magnetism between Bruce and Cher. She had a crush on him, but he was married.”

A few months later, After Bruce’s union had finally collapsed, the singer made her move, and the pair had a sizzling affair.

“Cher always regretted the end of their romance,” continued the source. “Now that Bruce’s marriage to Kris Jenner has hit the skids, and Cher is single once more, she has Bruce firmly in her sights again.

“If they got married once his divorce goes through, Bruce and Cher would steal all the thunder from the Kardashians. Money- grubbing Kris would be banished to the Tinsel-town B list. It would be perfect revenge for Bruce.”

Although the two never lost touch completely, sources say their relationship heated up after Bruce turned to Cher for support as he dealt with the breakup of his marriage to Kardashian matriarch Kris. Cher was happy to provide a shoulder to lean on, and soon the two were exchanging steamy text messages and phone calls.

Another insider notes that the two have a lot in common, not the least of which is that they’re both “plastic surgery addicts.”

Cher has had a nose job, Botox treatments, eyelid surgery and a breast augmentation, the insider pointed out, while Bruce underwent a nose job and face-lift in the 1980s.

He had additional work done in 2009 to correct botched surgeries. And, as The ENQUIRER reported, he had his Adam’s apple shaved down in January as the first step of a possible sex change.

“Cher is just the kind of woman Bruce needs right now,” an entertainment insider said. “She understands the stress and confusion brought on by a sex change. Cher no longer needs a tough macho man on her arm. She’s learned the true meaning of love and accepts Bruce on his terms. He’s touched her in a way no other man has.”

In fact, Bruce’s apparent confusion over his gender has only brought him and Cher closer.

“Who knows better about the emotional roller coaster of gender reassignment than Cher?” mused the insider. “She struggled when Chaz first made the decision to become a man, but since then, she has become his biggest supporter.”

Bruce has already fueled talk about a sex change by growing his hair long, often wearing earrings and lip gloss and getting French manicures.

“Cher thinks Bruce’s hair looks great – it reminds her of (first husband) Sonny Bono when they met,” the entertainment insider said.

“She certainly doesn’t mind if he dresses as a woman. She finds that thought interesting. And she enjoys talking with Bruce about female fashion and giving him her expert advice.

“She accepts Bruce for who he is, man or woman. Still, she is encouraging him not to have the sex change.

“She wants him to remain a man because she’s always been primarily attracted to men. But she’s convinced that if Bruce does become a woman, it won’t get in the way of their happy future together.”