Mike Walker

Dying Cher’s Plan To Land A Man

Determined diva won't go out alone!

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Mike Walker Reports… Battling the killer virus threatening her life, gutsy Cher just survived a strength-sapping trip to Europe seeking controversial stem cell treatments.

She also still swears that she’ll make one last farewell tour — and just set a new goal that’s got close pals (and me) weeping!

Dished an insider: “Cher told us she literally wants to go out with a bang!

Cher’s Deathbed Tell-All: The Men In Her Life!

“‘I love love — and I really adore sex — so I’m just yearning to feel a man’s touch again!’

“Incredibly, she’s even working out in the gym to look more enticing in bed!

“She’s begging us to keep our eyes open for the right guy — and dreams of spending her last days cuddling with a man who can give her the thrill of his loving touch!”