Shattered Cher broke down in tears over daughter Chastity‘s bombshell decision to undergo a sex change, The ENQUIRER has learned exclusively.

The 40-year-old lesbian activist – now known as  Chaz – is taking hormone shots and is on her way to becoming a male – with facial hair, muscle mass and other manly characteristics, say insiders.

Cher, a strong supporter of her daughter’s decisions, knew for a long time that she had been considering the dramatic change. But Cher broke down recently after Chaz told her she could no longer wait and the hormone treatments had started.

The 63-year-old pop legend is "frightened to death" over all the publicity and ridicule her daughter could face, disclosed a source – and she fears the dangers and complexity of the surgery.

"When the full weight of Chastity’s transformation to Chaz hit Cher, she was reduced to tears and was a wreck for days," disclosed a friend.

"Cher had terrible trouble getting her mind around the physical transformation and addressing Chastity as a ‘he.’ It was one thing for her to have heard about the gender reassignment and quite another for it actually to be happening. She is scared for her daughter – worried that the surgery is dangerous."

Cher would prefer that Chastity stop short of undergoing the knife and masquerade as a man without taking the final surgical steps, confided the friend.

But Chaz who was born a woman wants to die a man!

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