Cher is looking for a baby daddy for daughter-turned-son Chaz!

That’s the latest twist in the unconventional world of the 63-year-old music legend and Chaz, formerly named Chastity. Chaz is having a sex change from female to male, and hopes to marry his female live-in lover and start a family.

The couple needs a sperm donor – and Cher is being supportive by helping them find the right man, says a family friend.

"After Chaz told his mother about getting married and planning for a baby, Cher offered to help," a longtime family friend told The ENQUIRER.

Chaz intends to marry fiancee Jennifer Elia by the end of the year.

As The ENQUIRER has reported, 40-year-old Chaz is having stomach stapling surgery to knock off 75 pounds before the gender reassignment is completed.

Meanwhile, Cher has thrown herself into the donor screening process.

"Cher doesn’t care if the baby is a boy or girl," the source said. "But she’s insisting on a donor with intelligence, creativity and good looks.

"At first Chaz and Jennifer wanted an anonymous donor. They both thought it would be better not to know who the father was. But now they are open to someone they know.

"So Cher is putting together a file of prospects, and as you can imagine, they’re all handsome and brilliant. Chaz and Jen are sticking to strict criteria, but ultimately, all three of them want a healthy baby.

"And Chaz and Jennifer are thrilled that Cher is supportive. As Chaz told a friend, ‘It’s taken my mother’s mind off worrying about me!’

"The past year has been an emotional whirlwind for the whole family. But in the end, Cher will have the grandchild she’s always wanted, and Chaz and Jen know they’ll never have trouble finding a baby sitter."