Woe to the wayward miscreants who cross new mixed martial artist CHAZ BONO as he bludgeons his burgeoning waistline into submission but for mom CHER it’s death by “a thousand cuts”!

The 43-year-old trans­gender icon is working out with Frank “Johnny Kage” Colcher, one of his mentors on “The Doctors,” and sources say Chaz seems like a natural at the sport.

“He’s become obsessed with kickbox­ing and martial arts, and the bonus is that he’s knocking off pounds by working out with a passion,” a close pal told The ENQUIRER.

“Over the last few weeks, he’s really got­ten into fighting, and he’s showing some genuine talent. Guys he’s been working out with are surprised at how good he is.”

With his weight at 345 POUNDS, 5-foot-5 Chaz signed on with the syndicated series “The Doctors” and soon shed 25 pounds, as The ENQUIRER has reported.

And he’s apparently dropped another 15 pounds since he started working out at the Zero to Hero Kickboxing Gym in Los An­geles with Colcher.

“Chaz has been raving about how much he loves the sport and recently shared his progress by posting a ringside picture of him in action on Twitter,” the source said.

“He’s telling everyone that this weight-  loss program is different be­cause he’s committed to lis­tening to his doctors. And now that he’s intensified his physical activity with a sport he really enjoys, the pounds are melting away.”

But while Chaz is focused on sharp­ening his newfound MMA skills, his mother Cher isn’t too thrilled about him getting into the ring.

“Of course Cher is worried Chaz could get hurt,” said the source.

“SHE WANTED HIM TO DO ‘DANCING with the Stars’ again. But the bottom line is Chaz isn’t a dancer like his mom. Plus, with the judges’ criticism, ‘Danc­ing’ was a source of constant humilia­tion for him.

“But no one would dare make fun of a tough guy in a boxing gym. Chaz feels he may have stumbled on a hidden tal­ent and fantasizes about becoming an MMA fighter. He’d love to get in the ring!”

Chaz is determined to lose at least an­other 50 pounds, said the source, and he recently hinted that it will help him turn his life around.

“I’m putting in the groundwork to help make some of my big dreams come true,” he recently said.

Added the source: “After he drops some more weight, he’s ready to renew his search to find true love again.”