Charmer Chaz Bono’s Blonde Ambition!

Chaz short

A slimmed-down Chaz Bono is racing the clock to find and marry Mrs. Right before his mother, Cher, dies — and sources told The National ENQUIRER his newest date could be aisle-worthy!

Chaz, 46, appeared at the premiere of the film “The Danish Girl” on Nov. 21 showing off beautiful and curvy blonde actress Sarah Schreiber.

Born Chastity to Cher, 69, and the late Sonny Bono, transgendered Chaz had his right arm around Sarah’s waist and hopes she’ll be the one he can finally bring home to mom, an insider said!

That would be a relief to frail and fading Cher, a snitch told The ENQUIRER.

“Cher is worried about Chaz and his struggle to find a girlfriend,” said another insider. “She fears Chaz is sad and alone and that he’s teetering on the verge of a breakdown.”

“He’d almost given up on love, but Cher would not let him. She desperately wants him to settle down and be happy — while she’s still alive,” said another insider, adding: “Chaz has been unlucky in love -— though it’s not because he hasn’t tried to find the right woman!”

He lost his lesbian lover Joan Stephens in 1994 when she died of cancer, had a serious romance with former lover Stasie Kardashian, and almost tied the knot with his former girlfriend Jennifer Elia before they split in 2011.

Chaz admitted recently he has been single since he and Jennifer split.

“I seem to repel women that I am attracted to,” he said. “I haven’t really been dating.”

Despite being born a female, he added: “I don’t have any insight into women. I have always been in a male mentality.”

Cher — who recently underwent a stem-cell treatment in Germany in an effort to cure a decades-long, deadly viral infection — has been begging Chaz to find someone before her time comes.

“Cher is determined to see him wed before she dies,” said a source.

“Chaz has been dieting and working out, and he says he wants to find a wife as much as Cher wants him to,” said the source, adding 32-year-old Sarah might be a contender.

“The important thing is that Chaz is back in the dating game,” explained the insider. “And he wants nothing more than to make Cher’s dream of attending his wedding come true!”