No Way!

Charlize Theron Says She’s Been Single For ’10 Years’ Despite Sean Penn Romance

'Someone needs to grow a pair,' the actress said!

Charlize Theron Says She''s Been Single For '10 Years'
Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Is she ready to mingle then? Charlize Theron dropped quite the bomb when she revealed that not only is she single at the moment, but she’s had the same status for the last decade.

“I’ve been single for 10 years, it’s not a long shot. Somebody just needs to grow a pair and step up I’m shockingly available,” the 43-year-old told Entertainment Tonight while promoting her new film Long Shot at CinemaCon in Las Vegas on Thursday, April 4. And this is quite the head-scratcher, especially since the actress was with fellow actor Sean Penn from 2013-2015 — so what gives? The Oscar-winner also added that someone needs to “step up and take her off the market.” Well then, we can already see the long line forming.

Her costar on her new movie Seth Rogen even chimed in with, “She’s out there!” to which Charlize responded, “I’ve made it very clear.”

Charlize Theron Says She''s Been Single For '10 Years'

These words from the Monster star come just a few weeks after a rumor started brewing that she and Brad Pitt were an item, a claim that Charlize quickly shot down. As for Penn, one has to wonder if the 58-year-old is quite baffled at what exactly was going on during those two years he was with the blonde beauty. While she’s been single for 10 years, Charlize did date actor Stuart Townsend after meeting on the set of their film Trapped in 2002. They split in 2010. So it seems like the actress has almost been single for ten years …

These days, when she’s not acting or starring in beauty ads, the Mad Max: Fury Road costar is busy being a mom to two children — Jackson, 7, and August, 3 — both adopted. So it’s pretty clear that Charlize has her hands full, although it seems she is open to welcoming a man in her life again.

Here’s hoping Charlize finds what she’s looking for!