Charlie’s Angels, the show that made FARRAH FAWCETT a star, is returning – not to the big screen – but to TV.

Despite two Angels films from DREW BARRYMORE, the original "jiggle tv" show is being rebooted,  Helming the new femme force for TV are former Smallville showrunners Alfred Gough and Miles Millar.

Gough and Millar launched Smallville and ran it for seven seasons before exiting the show in 2008.

Gough and Miller, whose film creds include Shanghai Noon and The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor, will replace the original producer to adapt the show with ABC.

Also joining the Angels team , the producers of the two Charlie’s Angels movies: Drew Barrymore, Leonard Goldberg and Nancy Juvonen.

Goldberg exec produced the original 1976-81 series for TV kingpin producer Aaron Spelling.

Angels is another disco era reboot for the Alphabet net trying to play it save after the end of make-it-up-as-they-go-along Lost and the abrupt cancellation of new hope for cult fave Flash Forward.

Expect at least one ex- Lost star to join the new show as Charlie or one of the Angels – possibly MAGGIE GRACE (Shannon) or TERRY O’QUINN (Locke), Hollywood insiders speculate.