Find ‘em, love ‘em and then forget ‘em – the way of the Sheen! The parade of pulchritude that Charlie used like tissue paper. SEO Photo Alt; Charlie Sheen Disposable Women SEO Photo title: Charlie Sheen Disposable Women

Charlie Sheen has terrorized the women in his life for more than 20 years with countless alleged assaults and incidents of domestic violence – as documented through the pages of The National ENQUIRER.

1990 Kelly Preston, now the wife of John Travolta, was one of Charlie’s first victims in 1990 when it was reported he “accidentally shot” his then girlfriend inside their Malibu home. Charlie disputed that account, and insisted the gun fired when she picked up his pants in the bathroom.

1994 Charlie was accused of striking an unnamed UCLA student in the head when she refused to have sex with him. The dispute was settled out of court. 1997 Charlie pleaded no contest to battery charges after porn star Brittany Ashland claimed he knocked her out, threatened to kill her and left her with seven stitches in her lip.

2006 During his divorce from Denise Richards in 2006, allegations about prostitutes, child porn and drug abuse were raised. Denise accused him of violent outbursts in front of their kids, including throwing a chair at her and making death threats.

2009 The nasty divorce pushed Charlie into the arms of Brooke Mueller. But on Christmas Day in 2009, he was arrested for domestic violence after holding a knife against her throat. The couple had been on an all-night cocaine binge.

2010 Charlie was rushed to the hospital after a night in NYC, where he allegedly threatened to kill and attempted to strangle porn star Capri Anderson, who said she saved herself by locking herself in the bathroom.