Charlie Sheen
Charlie Sheen

CHARLIE SHEEN bombs as angry audience boos him off the stage at the Detroit preem of his delusional tour.

With all 4700 seats filled with fans and the just plain curious, Charlie Sheen took to the stage at Detroit's Fox Theatre, to thundering applause.

But it didn't take long for the crowd to turn against their former hero, and boo him loudly.

Saturday was opening night for the former Two and a Half Men star's "My Violent Torpedo of Truth/Defeat Is Not an Option" tour, reported.

Sheen's former porn star pal Kacey Jordan was reportedly in the audience. His new pal Snoop Dogg was a wise no-show.

After a warm up act comic was booed, a series of random film clips were shown on giant monitors.

Around 9 PM TigerBlood Time (TM), Charlie actually started the show, anointing his audience as the "Warlock States of Sheen."

But this crowd wasn't buying his tired shtick, and they booed him, demanding their money back.

"I already got your money!" Sheen responded snidely.

As he attempted to woo the angry Detoiters with a clip starring Johnny Depp, more mass displeasure ensued.

With a livid aud screaming they wanted their money back, Sheen's Folly was deep sixed by 10:15 PM.

In the parlance of show biz bible, Variety, Sheen laid an egg. Bombed. Did a floperoo. Stunk up the place.

FYI: Ticketmaster has a strict "No refund" policy on the Sheen Expressway… to your wallet.