Charlie Sheen HIV Crisis: “Don’t Touch My Blood!”


Charlie Sheen’s career suffered a deadly downward spiral that culminated in The ENQUIRER exposing his deadly HIV Positive status — but he could always count on personal assistant Steve Han!

Now the loyal former employee has given an amazing tell-all in support of his troubled boss!

“Charlie is doing well,” Steve told The Daily Mail in an exclusive interview — where he had Charlie’s blessings to put a positive spin on shocking secrets!

That includes Steve’s tale of the first night when he realized Charlie could be facing a medical crisis!

The personal assistant was shocked when Sheen cut himself with a knife during a party in 2012, and then panicked when a friend reached out to touch what the actor had famously declared “tiger blood.”

Sheen screamed: “Don’t touch my blood!” Steve recalled for The Daily Mail.

“It was such a strange reaction. He seemed genuinely concerned that someone might actually touch his blood.

“At the time, I thought maybe he’s got Hep C or something — but I never imagined it was much worse!”

Steve also revealed a more private side to Sheen, including the night when his employer shared his deepest secret in December of 2012.

“We were sitting at his kitchen table, and I unburdened myself and got a bit emotional,” recalled Steve.

“I told him all my problems. “We were just being honest with each other…he just started to talk about his problems, and said, ‘Life isn’t perfect.’

“Then he just came out with it. “‘I’m HIV positive.’ He was so blasé about it!”

Steve would still have plenty of wild tales to share with The Mail about Sheen’s continuing partying, and gives his own insight into his boss’ sexual obsessions.

“I would spend more than $200 on dozens of tubes of Aquaphor healing ointment, which is normally used to treat dry skin,’ said Steve — who worked with Sheen for over two years.

“Charlie loved the stuff!

“He used it as sex lube. The girls would be covered from head to toe in it!

“I would have to drive some of them home, and they’d moan that they’d be all sticky.”

The new issue of The ENQUIRER is on newsstands now, with troubling new stories about Sheen’s bizarre private life — and the men, women and transsexuals he sexually betrayed by keeping quiet about his HIV status.