'It's Unbelievable!'

Charlie Sheen: HIV-Positive Actor Still A Hit With The Ladies

Disgraced star isn't slowing down over illness!

charlie sheen hiv positive dating

HIV-positive star Charlie Sheen was recently spotted leaving New York City’s ritzy Beautique restaurant around 4 a.m. with an entourage of women — who he hadn’t arrived with!

“It’s unbelievable,” marveled one Hollywood insider. “His HIV status, all of his documented scandalous behavior with male and female sex workers and his angry outbursts … none of it seems to have tarnished his appeal! Girls are still flocking to Charlie!”

The former “Anger Management” actor says he feels “excellent” these days thanks to a new treatment for the deadly virus that’s a “global game-changer” — and it’s apparently a game-changer for his social life, too!

Charlie Sheen Confesses He Hid HIV-Positive Status!

It’s a big shift from the months after The National ENQUIRER’s bombshell scoop and his November 2015 confirmation about being infected with the bug that leads to AIDS.

Back then, Charlie claimed his focus would be on his family — admitting: “There’s no interest in being in a relationship right now. There’s no real time to pursue a relationship.”

Charlie experienced a serious drought in the hookup department this summer, venting to a reporter, “What’s my opening line? ‘Wanna come up and risk your life?’ ” But it sure sounds like they’re answering “Yes!” now!