‘Charlie Sheen Had Unsafe Sex With Me’

Charlie sheen aids

“You f—ing exposed me to HIV for a year and a half!”

That’s the bitter charge of Charlie Sheen’s jilted ex-fiancée after the two carried on a torrid sexual affair!

Scottine Ross, an adult film star, made the accusation against the star in a video exclusively obtained by The ENQUIRER, and reported in an article published in our Oct. 12 issue.

At the time, we withheld word of the HIV charge Scottine made against Charlie.

The ENQUIRER has now learned Charlie discovered he had contracted HIV as early as 2012.

Sources also said Charlie had unprotected sex with her well after getting his HIV diagnosis. The terrified beauty added: “I don’t ever want to see that guy’s face again, unless it’s in a f—ing courtroom!”