Relapse Fears

Charlie Sheen’s Ex Urged To Get To Rehab Now!

Brooke Mueller allegedly had suitcase of drugs.

Brooke Mueller with Bruise On Face Wearing Blue And White Stripped Shirt, Charkie Sheen Wearing Sunglasses Looking Thin And GauntWearing Blue Jacket, Inset Charlie Sheen In 2009
MEGA (2); Getty Images

Troubled Brooke Mueller’s alleged relapse has friends fearing Charlie Sheen’s ex-wife needs rehab — or faces death!

The 41-year-old washed-up actress — mom of twin 10-year-old boys with the former “Two and a Half Men” star, who she divorced in 2011 — appeared “distraught” in a parking lot on Long Island on July 14, according to a man who said she asked for a ride.

But when they arrived at his place, the guy claimed Mueller opened a suitcase packed with drugs and invited him and his friends to dig in!

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“She opened her bags, and she had so many drugs it was like ‘Scarface,’ ” said another man there.

The news set off alarms among Brooke’s buddies, who are concerned for her.

“Everyone knows she has this horrible self-destructive streak. There are very real fears she’ll wind up dead from one of her binges,” said a source.

Though a rep for Brooke declined to comment on the report, the source said, “She needs professional help if she wants to have any chance to survive!”

Meanwhile, Shocking new images of Brooke’s rail-thin ex, Charlie, have medical pros fearing for his health!

The “Anger Management” bad boy, diagnosed in 2011 as HIV positive, appeared to be swimming in his clothes at a concert in L.A.“He’s gotten incredibly thin,” said a source close to the actor, who once starred in “The Wraith” and now resembles one.

But another source close to the star said the weight loss is for all the right reasons, adding, “He hasn’t had a drink or anything else for 22 months!”

The actor, who did not respond to a request for comment, looks to have lost at least 15 pounds, said nutrition expert Dr. Stuart Fischer, who hasn’t treated Sheen.

“This kind of weight loss in someone who has HIV raises the specter of the emergence of full-blown AIDS.”