Alleged Manson Son Plays Convicted Monster in Play

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In a helter-skelter evening of performance art, Charles Manson‘s self-proclaimed son, Matthew Roberts, played the role of his “father” in a mock trial at the Vector Gallery in Los Angeles last night called “The Retrial of Charles Manson.”

The evening saw performers deliver rambling lines, pour water on each other and deed the audience oranges — and oh, yes, give the notorious symbol of evil another day in court. After a fashion.

Matthew played Manson and defended himself, which the real Manson was prevented from doing. The audience was supposed to serve as the jury and pass judgment; however, the Judge (played by Elyse Cizek) declared “every man judges himself” and invited the monster to pass judgment on himself.

The theater piece was created by Matthew and gallery owner J.J. Brine to address what they consider to be a gross injustice: that Manson is universally reviled even though he never personally killed anyone.

Matthew spoke out last year in The National ENQUIRER, opposing Manson’s intention to marry in prison, calling would-be bride Afton Elaine “Star” Burton a “gold digger” and condemning the marriage as “lame and stupid.”

The wedding did not take place.