Rob Shuter

Channing Tatum Lays Down ‘No Sex’ Rule To Stripper Crew

Movie star wants his men keeping it clean!

Channing tatum magic mike stripper
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Rob Shuter reports… Channing Tatum’s “Magic Mike Live” show has taken Vegas by storm, but the macho young men have to take care with their offstage antics!

The stars of the popular strip show have been told by the boss himself: no sex with the customers!

“Channing takes the business seriously,” said an insider.

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“This isn’t some little show he put together to make a little fast money or for fun.

“It is a business — and like all businesses, he has rules to make sure his employees are very professional at all times!

“The show has a strict no-sex rule that is enforced. This is a first-class entertainment experience. This isn’t an excuse to get wild.”